Change the way you look at nutrition this decade…

New decade, No fad diets


We’ve all experienced the growing trend of fad diets this last decade: Atkins, Paleo, Keto, AMAD, and these are just the more prominent ones! The average person seems to value short term gain over long term health. It’s no secret that the world is all about the now, the present, the moment. But while all those things are important, one should think about the future while making current choices. 


Although we no longer believe in statements like “A minute on the lips, forever on the hips”, there is truth in the fact that “We are what we eat”. This decade let’s focus on eating for ourselves and our bodies. Forgo these ‘fad diets’ and ‘quick fixes’ and choose the optimal food for your lifestyle.


Disprove nutrition myths


In the age of whatsapp forwards and inane tweets, nutrition myths have experienced a boom like no other. “Eating aloe vera is a cure-all, even for the common cold”, “Drink pumpkin juice in the morning to lose weight”, “” are just a few in the sea of nutrition-related myths. We’ve already dedicated some time this year to disproving a few such myths: 



Even if you receive information from your smart relative or your sensible friend, do take some time to check the science before you eat it! 


Learn sustainable nutrition 


Sustainable energy, sustainable fashion, sustainable fitness, sustainable sustainable sustainable. While it does sound like yet another buzzword taking the world in a storm, it is true that sustainability is the key to a long lasting future. Nutrition is certainly not to be left out in this. We strongly believe that setting sustainable nutrition practices in place is the best start towards a glorious decade. 


Learning how to eat is not difficult. With a little effort from your part and oodles of easy-to-access knowledge on the internet, a systematic approach to your food will bring about a wealth of change in your life. Check out our information centre for handy recipes and blogs that are sure to aid you in your journey. 


Work towards your goals 


It’s that time again when you’re reminded of your dreams and goals of the years before and your hopes and wishes for the years to come. Take a second and think of all that you’ve accomplished this year alone. You’ve made it this far, and isn’t that truly something special? 


When you’re making your goals for the new year and new decade, we recommend doing a small intro-retrospective: identify what has worked best for you in the past and what works best for you as a person. Once you’ve got those down, align your goals keeping your strengths and weaknesses in mind. Don’t go too easy or too hard on yourself, make a reasonable plan that will work in your best interests. 


P.S. A gentle reminder that progress is not linear. Bear that in mind during your highs and lows, and take solace in your near and dear. You’ll do just fine. 


Enjoy a holistic lifestyle 


Now put them all together and what have you got? A holistic lifestyle, indeed! Do understand that achieving these goals is a lifelong process with revisions and changes and additions. Every little step you take right now will make an impact in some way. You’ve got your dreams, now just add some determination and discipline and you have the keys to a spectacular life! 


All the best for the new year and new decade from the ONP team! 


Here’s to 2020 and beyond! 

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