How do I decide which package is right for me?

ONP’s programs are created with the person’s requirements in mind. The one month package is for someone who’s a quick learner and doesn’t require regular followups in order to follow the protocol while the 3 month program is designed for anyone who needs extra support and guidance. Click here to see what program offering will suit you best.

How do I pay for the packages?

If purchasing a package online on the website, you can just go to the shop section, select your preferred package and add-on, add to cart and checkout. You can make the payment by Card, Netbanking or UPI. You can also do direct bank deposit. Contact the ONP team for details on the same. All payments are to be done in advance.

What can I expect from each package?

Each ONP package offers different reports and services. Refer to the services section for a detailed overview on each package offerings.

After I register for a package of my choice, what do I do?

Once you’ve booked a package, you will be able to book a biomarker test based on your convenience and also answer the questionnaire. Your reports, based on the package you’ve chosen will be shared with you 2-4 days from the date of blood sample collection.

Will I be able to use the services if I am not residing in India?

Yes. You can apply for any of the packages from anywhere in the world. It is an online platform to provide access to everyone. The only requirement is a comprehensive biomarker assay. Contact the ONP team to get a list of required tests.

Besides tailor-made meal plans, what else will I have access to?

Apart from the meal plan, you will be able to access blogs, recipes, local foods list, supplements list and a dashboard containing your progress.

Will I be able to contact the nutritionist if I have any queries?

Reviews and contact options are built into each package. Based on how frequently you’ll need assistance with tracking, monitoring and assessing your progress, you can select a package with either weekly whatsapp check-ins, daily whatsapp check-ins, or an intensive daily whatsapp check-ins + weekly phone consultations. Check our Personalized Nutrition Protocol packages to see what suits you.

What are the meetings with the nutritionist for? When can I schedule them?

The number of meetings with nutritionist differ per package. This can be scheduled according to your convenience and nutritionist’s availability. The meetings can be used to understand the meal plan and lifestyle changes that you would be making and address any concerns regarding the same.

How will the 1-1 meeting with the nutritionists be arranged?

If you are resident of Chennai, meetings can be arranged in person. However, for those applying from other cities/internationally, meetings can be arranged using phone calls/skype.

Do you conduct workshops? If so, how do we contact you?

Yes we do conduct workshops and seminars. If you are a school, university or a corporate looking for the same, drop us a message here to get a call back.