Corporate Services

Menu Planning

Based on your requirements, ONP can help create a new menu, update a pre-existing menu or equip you with meal templates.

  • Customisable Menus

    Create, modify and update menus based on your personal requirements and needs.

  • Wholesome & Nutritious Menus

    Enjoy a nutritious menu, complete with nutrition values and basic nutrition guidelines.

  • Menu Optimization

    Have your own menu but it may need to be tweaked and spruced up? We’ve got your back.

  • Industrial and Catering Menu Plans

    We help plan menus for industrial settings and large-scale catering services.


ONP offers highly customisable, modular workshops on various nutrition and health related topics for a range of audiences. Workshops can be conducted for Institutions, Corporates, Schools, Colleges, Gyms, Fitness Clubs, and more. 


Workshop teachings are sourced from relevant, up-to-date scientific research. No myths, ands, or buts. 


We can enable dialogue between the panel and the members, for wide and participatory understanding of the topic.


Based on the audience, workshops can approach and deliver key principles through games and quizzes.

Q&A session

Every workshop session includes a 15-30 minutes Q&A session to clarify doubts and address concerns.

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