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2022 – The year of actions and affirmations

All of you folks must have come up with new year’s resolutions by now. In fact, a few of them might have dwindled a little too. No worries, Yoda’s here to help. Yoda is a big fan of health and wellbeing and encourages achieving it through…
Metabolic syndrome
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Metabolic syndrome (MetS) – Slow down, complexities ahead.

Metabolic syndrome (or MetS) is both a condition and a symptom. To start with, MetS is a group of conditions that affect the body’s normal biochemical balance. Abnormalities such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, excess abdominal fat, high…
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Obesity – snag with a slow onset.

In this article, we’d like to speak about something the world has become so uptight and sensitive about, but in all the wrong ways. We’re approaching obesity - a condition that’s become so common, yet with so little understanding and help.…
type 2 diabetes
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Antidote to diabetes: A regulated lifestyle

Just a couple of weeks ago, we took apart type 1 diabetes as a condition and looked at the nature, diagnosis, and coping mechanisms of the condition. This time, we’ve taken up a more common type of diabetes, type 2 diabetes mellitus. We’ll…
type 1 diabetes
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Staying on top of Type 1 Diabetes

The human body is complexly wired. Each nutrition type, each cell organ, and each cell behaves a certain way to keep our physical health in optimal condition. In a few people, these cells behave in ways that aren't ideal, for reasons yet unknown.…
High Cholesterol
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Blood Cholesterol – The good friend with a bad rep

Blood Cholesterol Levels - The what, why and how. High cholesterol level in blood has become so common, that almost 10 million people are diagnosed with it, every year. A seemingly simple explanation for this is our sedentary lifestyle, but…
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Understanding Hypertension

Hello, Yoda here. Today, we’ll discuss one of the most prevalent conditions in the world. As of 2019, hypertension, or high blood pressure had affected around 26% of the world’s population. The number was estimated to grow up to a whopping…

2020: Let’s Get Optimised!

Change the way you look at nutrition this decade… New decade, No fad diets   We’ve all experienced the growing trend of fad diets this last decade: Atkins, Paleo, Keto, AMAD, and these are just the more prominent ones!…
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Binge Eating

The following information may be triggering to those with eating disorders. Please be mindful should you continue reading.    A severe and life-threatening disorder, Binge Eating Disorder is characterized by recurring episodes of…
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Alcohol: A Primer

Get the facts here and the booze elsewhere!  A contentious topic in the nutrition industry: Alcohol. It’s an addiction, a hindrance, an inhibitor of sense and yet, it’s a pleasure, a social convention and an aggregator of sensations.   Did…
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All About Sleep

Sleep is for the weak? No, sleep is for the species!    “If sleep does not serve an absolutely vital function, then it is the biggest mistake the evolutionary process has ever made” - Dr Allan Rechtschaffen   Have…
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Diabetes 101: We’ve got the Deets!

One of the disorders that’s now a household name, Diabetes has certainly had a global impact in the recent years. With data showing alarming future projections of diabetes cases across the world, let’s first understand this disorder in its…

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