Varsha Easwaran

Founder and Clinical Nutritionist

A passion for food science coupled with her interest in special children led Varsha to undertake a project on developing supplementation for autistic children as her college thesis. Varsha was invited to present this paper at the prestigious National Institute of Nutrition. Apart from this, she was also actively seeking out the latest advances in nutrition science. This led her to pursue a career focused on Nutrigenetics, data science and Blood chemistry.

Since 2018, Varsha has worked on developing frameworks and protocols based on cutting edge research. Varsha then moved on to developing nutrition protocols based on lifestyle conditions and habits far superior to the one-size-fits all model that is still being followed as the norm in the industry.

Varsha has worked wonders on clients with lifestyle illnesses from type 2 Diabetes to PCOS and has spent an equal amount of time working with elite level athletes, research frameworks and data analytics. She is a rising star in Chennai’s sports and fitness circles.