Seeing the Nutrition and Lifestyle Industry flooded by false claims, generalised fad diets, social media influencers and unnecessary exotic magic foods led us to start ONP to be a source of evidence based information for anything nutrition.
ONP aims to be a platform to break down the concepts of nutrition to simpler terms for people to understand and apply on a day to day basis. All of the information provided on ONP are based on evidence based, peer reviewed scientific literature.


Although we feel completely healthy, we do not know what’s going on inside our body. We at ONP require all of our members to take up a biomarker assay at the beginning of the protocol.
Biomarkers don’t lie. They show us any and every imperfection that lies within our body. The BiomarkerInterpreter platform at ONP takes in the biomarker data, runs through ~500 calculations and scenarios to predict what could be the possible reasons for your red flags and how to better manage them.
The platform is developed based on data curated from the NIH database for biomarker assays and their possible implications.

Macro Breakdown

The general mood with nutrition has been to restrict one particular macro group to achieve weight loss. While this may show fast results, it is not sustainable in the long run. Moreover, these nutrients are classified as macros as they are needed in large quantities for your daily bodily functions.


We at ONP use your body measurements and activity level to calculate your specific metabolism rate and macro requirements to suggest how much you need to fill your plate with each macronutrient.


But it’s not just the macros we focus on at ONP. We also look into possible micronutrient deficiencies, what supplements you can take for them as well as natural food sources to combat the deficiencies.