I’m a wise owl who knows a lot about a lot of things but what I know best is Nutrition. I’m a genius when it comes to food, a whiz at clinical nutrition and lifestyle illnesses. Sports Nutrition? I’m a class apart!


I’m not just smart, I’m quite helpful too. But I’m a little disturbed by all the false claims, tall promises and half baked theories on Nutrition that are floating around.


I want to help you optimise your biomarkers and reach your peak performance potential. From elite athletes to working professionals, from PCOS to Obesity and a host of other lifestyle conditions. If you have the drive, Yoda has the science!

Meet My Team

Arjun M

Data Analyst

B.Sc. Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology
M.Sc. Biotechnology

Varsha Easwaran

Founder and Clinical Nutritionist

B.Sc. Food Science
M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition

Testimonials for ONP

As a fighter diet is one the important pillars to an athlete’s success. I’ve never had a coach for dieting until I came across Varsha and Sharmada. They were on point on what to eat and what not to. The best thing about their protocol is that they don’t restrict you from getting your tummy full. Moreover, when I was following their protocol, I wasn’t in my hometown. I was at fight camp in Mumbai and over there, I didn’t have access to home cooked food. Even then, they made sure i meet my calories and macros. They had a constant eye over my food and helped me to get to my fight weight without breaking a sweat.

Syed “The Destroyer” Nazzeur
Syed "The Destroyer" Nazzeur

Being into sports I had to take care of my recovery and few other vitamins and minerals that I missed out through food.

In less than 3 weeks after starting the protocol, I was able to see changes in my body. I could feel I’m really fit and healthy. The byproduct of this was weight loss.

Even during tournaments when I go out of town, Varsha always helped me with my diet. This made life so easy for me! They truly did wonders for me.

Ramya Tulasi
Ramya Tulasi

So I started my program with ONP a month ago. When I told them that I’m on medications for hypothyroidism since 8 years and still feel like I’m living with the symptoms of hypothyroid, I was assured that they can sort it out.
They were patient enough to listen to all of my health concerns, no matter how minute. They also came up with solutions to all of my health issues by looking into the root cause of it and suggesting simple home remedies for some of them. All the remedies have done wonders.
They designed a very sustainable nutrition protocol and I swear I’ve never felt like cheating on my diet plan even once till now.
I can proudly say that I’ve been eating clean since a month as advised by ONP and I can sense so much improvement in my health.
Another thing that I must say, my transformation since a month has not only improved my physical well being but it has also improved my mental well being. By eating right one can heal both their body and mind.

Kavya Selvaraj
Kavya Selvaraj
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