ONP offers highly customisable workshops based on various topics and different audience types. Workshops can be conducted for Institutions, Corporates, Schools, Collages, Gyms and Fitness Clubs, etc.,


Customised workshops – A modular workshop to address various topics under nutrition with content suitable for the type of audience

Evidence based information – All information portrayed in the workshops are based on the latest evidence based scientific research

myth busters – Clarifying what’s real and what’s not for some of the most common myths in nutrition. This section will be based on the workshop topic

Interactive sessions – The entire workshop can be built as an interactive session enabling a dialogue between the panel and the members leading to a wider understanding of the topic

Games/quizzes – Workshops can include fun ways to imprint the key principles using games

Q & A session – All workshop sessions include a 15-30 minute Q & A session to clarify any doubts the members might have