Gut health is currently the new buzzword in the health and fitness industry. Products claiming to improve your gut and its function are slowly increasing. This might make you wonder what the fuss is all about! Gut microbes, microbiota, microbiome… What do these terms mean? Why is the gut so important? Read on to find […]

With several people engaging in fitness and sports, the belief that supplements are the magical key to improvements in performance is making the rounds. Vitamin and mineral supplements are widely used by the general population, which we will address later. This article will cover supplements commonly used by fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Are you using […]

With a variety of new diets making the rounds, it becomes difficult to gauge which is the right one for you as an individual to follow. A lot of information is available, but which is actually factually correct is the bigger question!  Off late, fasting diets have been making the rounds, with intermittent fasting in […]

Apples are good. Biscuits are bad.
Salads are better than a pizza.
If I eat some chips, I am bad.
Do you have this mentality when it comes to food? Black and white thinking in terms of food can be harmful! I have observed this mentality in several people these days. The mind plays a very important role when it comes to eating and shapes your relationship with food. This is crucial for a sustainable eating pattern!
A single food or nutrient is not inherently good or bad! Besides food choices, your lifestyle and other habits also matter! Why is this extreme thought process dangerous?

Over the past few years, it is evident that fitness has become popular. People are consciously trying to change their eating habits and adopt a better lifestyle. However, only a small population is actually aware of what they are eating. Most of us assume that exercising is the easiest way to shed some weight and […]

“Sorry, I can’t eat cake I’m on a diet” By definition, a “diet” is the sum of energy and nutrients obtained from foods and beverages consumed regularly by individuals. To put it in simple terms, it is what you eat and drink on a day to day basis. Somewhere along the way, the meaning shifted […]