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I’m a wise owl who knows a lot about a lot of things but what I know best is Nutrition. I’m a genius when it comes to food, a whiz at clinical nutrition and lifestyle illnesses. Sports Nutrition? I’m a class apart!
I’m not just smart, I’m quite helpful too. But I’m a little disturbed by all the false claims, tall promises and half baked theories on Nutrition that are floating around.
I want to help you optimise your biomarkers and reach your peak performance potential. From elite athletes to working professionals, from PCOS to Obesity and a host of other lifestyle conditions. If you have the drive, Yoda has the science!

What We Do

Optimal Nutrition Protocol(ONP) is a science driven programme designed to create a sustainable lifestyle which is personalized by taking environmental conditions, biomarker levels, personal preferences and various other factors into consideration.

ONP aims to demystify the hype behind some of the most common nutrition myths and stay away from generalised “FAD” diets. More importantly, ONP’s goal is to teach its members highly sustainable nutrition practices that can be applied throughout their life.

A routine diagnostic test is prescribed to ascertain the current metabolic status of an individual and to identify any skews from the normal ranges of their biomarker levels. The rest of the information required to generate the recommendations are obtained from a Lifestyle Questionnaire specifically designed for this program.

What Sets Us Apart?

Data and evidence based research is what drives ONP at its core. Nutrition as an industry has been dominated by a one size fits all approach and it’s alarming to see that the trend still continues.

We gather as much information as possible from each individual to understand what the underlying problems are in terms of physiology, lifestyle, stress, sleep and more to come up with a wholistic solution. The ultimate goal being “To Optimise The Human Body”.

The Team

Arjun M

Data Analyst

B.Sc. Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology
M.Sc. Biotechnology

Varsha Easwaran

Founder and Clinical Nutritionist

B.Sc. Food Science
M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition