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Optimal Nutrition Protocol (ONP) is a science-driven programme designed to create a sustainable approach to eating right. The key to this is personalization, which is achieved by factoring in goals, health condition, environment, personal preferences, lifestyle choices and more.

ONP aims to defuse the hype behind some of the most common nutrition myths. Our recommendations are grounded in research, not what’s “trendy”.  Our assurance to you — NO Fads, Only Science. Tried, tested, trusted.

The ONP Promise

How We Do It

Your personal nutrition protocol is built using data from two sources:

1. A Diagnostic Blood Test

Upon booking an ONP package, a certified lab technician will perform a home-visit and draw a blood sample from you. The sample is used to run a comprehensive series of tests to assess various biomarkers that indicate your health condition ranging from vitamin/mineral deficiencies to hormonal imbalances. This data is used to tailor your diet plan and correct a range of disorders through nutrition and supplements.

2. A Lifestyle Questionnaire

This is a specially designed questionnaire that you need to fill out. It captures your goals, body measurements, medical history, habits, lifestyle and food preferences. This data is used to further customise and refine your meal plan, ensuring that your protocol is easy to follow, achieves your goals, and optimises your health.

The Science

Data-driven, evidence-based, research-oriented.

A. Biomarkers

Some of us are aware of our health conditions and may have received a diagnosis at some point, such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol. Others may be experiencing fatigue, mood alterations or may not be feeling their “best”. Still others may be feeling perfectly healthy, and are unaware of some underlying condition, which if unchecked, can then develop into a disease. This is why ONP requires all clients to take a blood test so that we can perform a biomarker assay, regardless of whether you do/ don’t know of any health issues you have. We require data on your current condition to factor into the protocol that will be built for you.

Biomarkers are biochemical / cellular/ physiological indicators of health and disease. They don’t lie. They reveal the smallest imbalances in our bodies. The Biomarker Interpreter platform at ONP takes in this data and runs through ~500 calculations and scenarios to predict the possible reasons for any red flags, and how to better manage them.

The platform is developed based on findings curated from the NIH database for biomarker assays and their possible implications.


B. Macros & Micros

What are macros/macro nutrients? Macros are types of food components (e.g. fats, proteins, carbohydrates) that are required in large amounts, as opposed to micro nutrients, like vitamins and minerals, that are required in trace amounts for normal growth and development. The general approach to nutrition has been to restrict one particular macro group to achieve weight loss, for instance, the Atkins Diet, which is built around an ultra low-carb approach. While many of these fad diets can show fast results, they are far from sustainable and are potentially dangerous in the long run. There is a reason these nutrients are classified as macros — they are essential in ‘macro’ (large) quantities for your daily bodily functions, and any highly restrictive diet that excludes any class of nutrient, is quite simply unsafe.

ONP uses your body measurements and activity level to calculate your specific metabolic rate, that is, the amount of energy you personally require based on what your body needs to function at rest, as well as what you expend through activity. This is used to calculate the optimal macro composition for your body and goals, and is presented to you as a set of great meal options that carefully deliver exactly what is best, in the ratio that is appropriate for YOU.

ONP goes beyond the macros. We also look into micro nutrient deficiencies and your protocol will include supplements you can take, as well as natural food sources to combat any deficiencies.

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. This is custom-built, just for you.

Meet the ONP Core Team

<a href="https://optimalnutritionprotocol.com/about/varsha-nutritionist">Varsha Easwaran</a>

Varsha Easwaran

Founder & Clinical Nutritionist
<a href="https://optimalnutritionprotocol.com/about/arjun-analyst">Arjun M</a>

Arjun M

Biosystems Data Analyst

Varsha Easwaran

Founder and Clinical Nutritionist

B.Sc. Food Science, M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition

A passion for food science coupled with her interest in special children led Varsha to undertake a project on developing supplementation for autistic children as her college thesis. Varsha was invited to present this paper at the prestigious National Institute of Nutrition. Apart from this, she was also actively seeking out the latest advances in nutrition science. This led her to pursue a career focused on Nutrigenetics, data science and Blood chemistry.

For the last three years Varsha has worked on developing frameworks and protocols based on cutting edge research. Varsha then moved on to developing nutrition protocols based on lifestyle conditions and habits far superior to the one size fits all model that is still being followed as the norm in the industry.

Varsha has worked wonders on clients with lifestyle illnesses from type 2 Diabetes to PCOS and has spent an equal amount of time working with elite level athletes, research frameworks and data analytics. She is a rising star in Chennai’s sports and fitness circles.

Arjun M

Biosystems Data Analyst

B.Sc. Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology, M.Sc. Biotechnology

Arjun Muthukumar holds a Bachelor and Masters degree in the field of Biotechnology. As a part of his masters thesis, Arjun worked on bioinformatics projects involving NGS Data Analysis. Upon graduation, he moved on to researching on identifying novel drug targets for diseases such as Tuberculosis and Malaria in Research Institutes at Delhi. From there, he returned to Chennai to join one of the leading personalised genomics companies in India. Apart from extensive knowledge in Biotech research, Arjun is passionate about programming and data analytics and plans to combine all his field of interests to help solve day to day lifestyle disorder related issues.

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